Why NR's products?

Why NR’s products?


Earth’s vast cornucopia of edible plants provides 120,000 varieties of beneficial foods, herbs, and spices for our nourishment, and yet, today’s grocery stores distribute only a small fraction of nutritional choices.  Limited access to nutrient-rich food is compounded by the declining quality accepted in today’s food industry.  Even if our eating habits are perfect, many foods available in stores often lack even minimum nutritional values for supplying vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and micro-nutrients.  Much of today’s food crop is grown in depleted or tired soil, causing further nutritional weakness in our food crops. For example, today’s carrot still looks like a carrot from 50 years ago, but when analyzed at the molecular level, it often lacks the basic micro-nutrients it once had because it was grown in overused soil. That hidden malnourishment gets passed on to unsuspecting consumers.


Over the years of eating depleted or non-nutritious foods, we slowly and unintentionally deprive ourselves of essential nutrients. As a result, our body systems and reserves can become depleted, resulting in imbalance and discomfort.  Today’s diet needs nutrient-rich food supplements to ensure that our body’s requirements are met.  NR Supplements provide your diet that special “something extra” in the form of very rich, synergistic phytonutrients that convert to higher energy fuels to the body.  Higher physical energy yields better body functioning and overall health.  Long-time NR Supplement users consistently claim more physical capacity and activity, more mental clarity, more time spent feeling good, and better physical appearance.  Using these products, and following the new paradigm of lifestyle nutrition, many people have reported fewer health-related problems.