What are we missing?

After years of research and testing, Natural Remedy, LLC, combines ancient knowledge with today’s technology, to formulate products designed to provide specific nutrients that promote quality of life.  NR Supplements are natural botanical products that boost dietary intake and nutritional values in response to low energy, fatigue, lethargic, or physical discomfort, all precursors to serious health conditions.  NR Supplements provide the missing nutritional puzzle pieces to make the body feel comfortable and energetic. By correcting these detrimental imbalances as early as possible, NR Supplements can help you and your clients gradually return to full energy and well-being.  In fact, many people have reported that when taking NR Supplements over a period of time, they discover some previous health-related problems are diminished or gone.


Our goal at NR supplements is to maximize your quality of life through precision nutrition. Our philosophy is simple:  When the body is properly fed with rich nutrients, it has plenty of energy to sustain good health and stay strong in spite of the negative effects of stress.  When the body receives a diet of proper preventive nutrition to address specific body requirements, physical discomforts no longer arise and health risks can be mitigated and even eliminated. NR Supplements help maintain a healthy physical condition and increased vitality.


Our health is like a great empire that thrives only when each of its operating branches is working optimally.  Imagine the Roman Empire at its height when every branch of government was operating at peak strength, efficiency and integrity—judiciary, military, treasury--all branches were healthy and strong, working in harmony with each other to support and maintain the flourishing empire.  Like an empire, optimum health requires all of the body’s supporting systems to be in peak condition.  If one organ becomes weakened or undernourished, it slowly and systematically “corrupts” the entire body.  Other organs will try to compensate for the weakened system, but the deficiency ultimately steals vital energy from your body’s core energy reserves.  The human body is highly adaptable and can compensate only so far.  Like the gradual decline of a great empire, slowly infiltrated by thieves and traitors, health becomes compromised from internal weaknesses until it finally collapses. It’s a serious mistake to wait until you are on “your last leg” to nourish the foundations of your body’s core energy.


NR Supplements consolidate support for the foundations of your body’s health. Designed to nourish and support specific body systems, these highly effective food supplements, when used regularly over a period of time, will restore the body’s energy reserves required to stay healthy, comfortable, and fit.  While NR Supplement use is gradual and effects accumulate over time, the products bring lasting comfort and balance.  To experience the highest peak in feeling good, empower our bodies to take responsibility for the total health with appropriate exercise, adequate rest, and NR Supplements. In the words of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine…”

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